Sunday, February 15, 2015

Doing a Paleo Lifestyle & Loving It!!

I have been hearing about this Paleo stuff for awhile now. If you are like me you probably have wondered about it or even read up on it. Well, a few weeks ago I thought I had a stomach bug. Couldn't keep anything in. So, I just sipped on water, some Organic Broth and a bit of some Organic Juices. A couple days went by and I tried to eat.... bad idea. I couldn't keep it in! UGH. So, I went back to the broth and juice. I would also have my tea with some honey. I started feeling so much better physically. And was like hmmm... My wonderful cousin mentioned something about gluten and thought it could be some sort of intolerance. Around that time I had also seen a comment from someone asking what was the noninflammatory diet, the other person responded and said Paleo.  From there I started looking up what I can and can't eat on this Paleo diet. One of the things I found was cheese.. AHHHHHHHHHH. I thought I could never do something like this. I LOVE LOVE cheese and would put it just about on anything. During this time, I had absolutely no craving for cheese, sweets or even carbs etc... weird. So I decided since I'm going to start eating again (hopefully I will be able to keep everything in), this time what was on the list for Paleo. This was almost 2 weeks ago, and I have never felt better. This is the longest I have ever gone without cheese and I don't even miss it. I have lost 13 lbs to date.I don't think I will ever go back eating the way I did before. I'm hooked. It wasn't even hard for me, because of not feeling well and being on liquid for those days. I don't even think of it as a "Paleo Diet" but rather a "Paleo lifestyle". I would never say I'm soooooo glad I got sick, except this one time. I'm really glad I did! Are you or have you thought of trying Paleo?

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